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Acacia Honey 950g (Varaljai)

Acacia Honey 950g (Varaljai)

The finest acacia honey of the world.
As it should be ...

  • The Acacia Honey is the most famous honey all over the world. Hungary particularly has big quantity of acacian trees that means one-fifth part of the country. The several variety of acacian honey depend on the quality and components of soil of the regions. Therefore, we notice the colours of the honey can exist in transparent to yellowish shade.

    The acacia honey contains high level of fruit sugar, that causes the honey keeps its liquid consistence. It has soft and dominant taste thus, we can use it for sweeten cakes and drinks.

    It's great for several treatments, like soothing cough and against hyperacidity what causes indigestions. Acacia honey is rich in Calcium, besides contains K, Na, Cu, Ph, Fe, S, minerals, Vitamins A-B1-B2-B6-C-G-H. It helps in ossification, blood cleansing, detoxifying effect, strengthens the immune system, decrease gastric hyperacidity, treat the anemia.

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