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The medical effects of the pollen

Why should you try the pollen? The main reasons:
- strengthens the immune system
- high level of mineral content
- against vascular diseases
- against indigestion, maintains the stomach
- against diabetes
- aphrodisiac, against impotence, prostate diseases
- against depression
- calms the nerves

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Pollen, as a natural noutrishment

What is the pollen?

It's a natural product collected by honeybees directly from flowers. Its colour can change from golden yellow to dark brown depends on the flower it's originated, we can find black grains as well.

The taste is sweet, has fragrant and characteristic scent.

The pollen is a literally protein noutrishment. It contains the most type of protein what our body needs including the essential amino acids: histidine, tryptophan, methionine, leucine, lysine, lubamin acid, cystine etc. The pollen contains 20 of the 22 amino acids. According to comparsions and calculations this quantity is compliance as much has in half kilogram of beef or 7 eggs, so the daily amino acid need for an adult is in 30 gram pollen.

It contains significant amount of Vitamin B, like riboflavin (Vitamin G), pyridoxine (Vitamin B6), thiamine (Vitamin B1), nicotinamide, pantothenic, some provitamin A and C, folic acid and Vitamin P.

Furthermore, the 100 types of enzymes and minerals (iron, copper, sulfur, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium, nickel, selenium, cobalt, lithium) have to be mentioned. Some of the significant lipids are cholesterol and fatty acids, some monosaccharides of the carbohydrates: glucose and fruit sugar.

Why pollen?

Pollen is not a medicine, but people can get to know a wonderful healing opportunity.

All over the world, doctors and specialists are worried about the negative side effects of the medicines thus, they increasingly try to return to the nature and revalue the old medicinal products by using scientific devices.

Nowadays, pollen is more frequently recommended because human body can directly utilize its natural components.

Nearly half of the pollen is digestable protein. It's almost required for those, who eats complete vegetable diet because it supplies proteins – which misses from vegetarians diet.

Medical effects

It's offered as an appetizer for eating disorder, liver problems and indigestion sufferers, moreover, in case of anemia, liver problems, psychic and physical weariness, convalescents.

Pollen is not a panacea but it has positive impact for the digestive organ and intestinal activity, moreover, it can help in getting back the lost masculinity or fighing against neurosis, psychical depression, prostate problems and diabetes.

Furthermore, it's effective in case of:

- weakness, malnutrition, weakened innume system

- gastrointestinal problems, promoting digestion (against lack of appetite, diarrhea, constipation)

- liver problems

- hematopoietic

- lowering cholesterol

- strengthens the cardiac muscle

- detoxifying

For example chronic constipation and hemorrhoid was healed with pollen when standard medicines were ineffective.

There was positive effect against respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma).

In France it is used for prevention as a protector medicine during the time of flu epidemic.

It's also successfully used to treat nervousness, high blood pressure, anemia, arthritis and the prevention of stroke.

In the Apiacta journal (the 1st publication of 1975) Guemes Diaz F. offered pollen treatment for patients suffering in prostate diseases. They reached success with 90% of the patients and strongly recommended to use this in medical practice.

The pollen contains 20% unsaturates of 2.71-14.44% fat and stops atherosclerosis by mingling with vitamins. Honeybees eat pollen with honey and this is the way how fat burns out with carbohydrates and sugars.

How to use?

Pollen mixed with honey (rate of 1:1 and 1:2) has great result in irregular function of nerve and endocrine glands system, and in case of high blood pressure.

Daily dose: 10-20 grams with 3x1 teaspoon before meal.

Human body utilize pollen easily, we can eat it by itsely, with honey, with a little water, with juice or joghurt.

Keep the pollen in a dry and well closing box or bag.

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