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Organic Honeys

10 types of Hungarian organic honey!

Why is organic the organic honey?

The organic honey come from the areas having a good distance from all traditionally cultivated agricultural area, from industrial establishment and from roads.  This type of adverse environmental effects-free sites guarantee that the honey collected here are clean all of harmful ingredients. That is organic honey.  

Another important task is the treatment of bee colonies. In each case, the beekeepers have to leave enough honey in the hive for feeding the bees and the chemical treatment is prohibited. Honey should not be heated above 35 degrees, and not to add any foreign material either. Of course, the plates were regularly carried out residue test, so in this way can remain the organic honey as organic honey. Thus, the result of all these operations is an organic-qualificated, clean and delicately scented honey.

The Hungarian beekeepers is produced wide variety of organic honey. No mass production is going on, but the diversity and quality are kept in mind.

BIOkontroll Hungária



You can find this signature on every bottle of organic honey, the Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Ktf. guarantee the inspected organic origin.







Taste the Hungarian organic honeys!

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