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Clear Royal Jelly 100g (Dydex)

Clear Royal Jelly 100g (Dydex)

For periodical cure it's recommended to eat 0,5-2g per day for 1-3 months, depends on what do you want to use it for.

Thus, this box with 100g royal jelly is enough for 50-200 days.

You can find th User's Guide in the box.


    Royal Jelly, as Elixir of Life


    Main effects in sum:

    • against infertility, menstrual problems, menopause symptoms
    • against impotence, prostate diseases
    • lowering blood glucose levels (also for patients suffering in diabetes)
    • against chronic fatigue, strengthens the immune system
    • against depression, insomnia and anxiety
    • against atherosclerosis
    • against heart attack and after it
    • against cancer
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