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What good is the Propolis?

Main effects:

  • anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, antibacterial
  • fever-reducing
  • analgesic (sore throat, toothache, etc.)
  • regulating/lowering blood pressure
  • lowering blood glucose levels
  • against prostate diseases, against menstrual symptoms
  • to treat skin problems, skin burns and herpes
  • against cancer
  • strenthens the immune system

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The propolis is a sticky substance what is collected by the bees. They collect them from the buds and barks mix it up with their own gland secretions.


The propolis mainly consists of more than 300 different kind of substances but mainly contains wax, essential oils and pollen. Moreover, it contains much quantity of flavone which has healing and health care effect (this effect started to become known nowadays). In addition, it contains even iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, silicon, manganese, zinc, aluminium, cobalt and aromatic acids.


The 'propolis' word is originated from a Greek word, which meaning is 'The protection system of the town'. This substance is used for the disinfection (and insulation as well) of the beehive by the bees because it has virus and bacteria killer effect. Furthermore, they douse the stranger invader with propolis, it prevents the process of decomposition and mummifys the victim.


However, the most important thing is that they make a 'doormat' in front of the entrance, when the 'workers' leave or return into the hive they have to pass on that. The propolis protect them from bacterias and viruses or infections.


The medical power of the propolis have been known for years, thanks to the Vitamins, amino acids and minerals, especially the bio-flavonoids inside of it.


External usage:

- treatments of slowly healing wounds, skin and mucosal inflammations

- against fungal and bacterial infections

- treating gash and bruises

- anti-inflammatory, joint disease

It has wound healing, analgesic and anti-bacterial effect. It can neutralize more kind of poisons, has regeneration effect. A very interesting fact that the propolis can soothe the pain 3 times more than cocain and 5 times more than novocaine.


Internal usage:

- it has success against respiratory diseases

- against intestinal ulcers, intestinal ulcers, colitis, urinary tract infactions

- against parotitis and prostate inflammation

- regulating blood pressure, vasodilator

With regular eating of propolis you can keep your resistance of your body on a high level. 


When you have sorethroat or flu, you can soothe the symptoms just make a mixture of warm water and propolis tincture then gargle with it!

Propolis is useful against menstrual symptoms as well. The Alternative Medicine also uses in diverse way. According to researches, propolis can destroy bacterials which was become resistant against synthetic antibiotics but they haven't done this yet against propolis.


Eating propolis can cause allergy reaction for pollen allergy sufferers. Otherwise, propolis can be used in natural form (it's not spread yet) but is mainly used as tincture, ointment or tablet. It's important to check the source of supply!


Most of the time propolis is used as a tincture but it's not recommended to eat regularly under age 14 because of its alcohol content. But it can be eaten as a cure from age 1: stir into honey as many propolis drops as kilo the little child is.


You can regularly give honey with propolis to children, its effect is successfull with preventing illnesses. Furthermore, the effects of honey with propolis are increased because of the combined impacts of the two products together. It's highly recommended against sorethroat, The symptoms disappear earlier after 1-2 tablespoon than with other medicines. This combination with the honey is more eatable for many people because they can not get used to the taste of natural propolis. It's even a speciality because the honey with propolis spreads on the throat slowly thus, it can be in contact with the sore area for longer time. It does the most benefetial effect with this way. It contains alcohol because of the propolis tincture.


Important: eat the propolis products (tincture, tablet, honey with propolis) 15 minutes before meal!

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