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Royal Jelly

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Royal Jelly, as Elixir of Life

Main effects in sum:

- against infertility, menstrual problems, menopause symptoms

- against impotence, prostate diseases

- lowering blood glucose levels (also for patients suffering in diabetes)

- against chronic fatigue, strengthens the immune system

- against depression, insomnia and anxiety

- against atherosclerosis

- against heart attack and after it

- against cancer

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The Royal Jelly


The fact that eating royal jelly improves the development of the queen bee and also lengthen her life, increased the interests in royal jelly in the 1960's. Royal jelly was explored as a panacea and this is the elixir of long life and youth. Nowadays, the picture is no less nuanced, while we got to know which are the royal jelly's real benefits and people explored its role in the therapy.


No doubt, the royal jelly is a unique food supplement which has special properties. The workers and male bees live for 4-6 weeks in the summer and for maximum 5-6 months in the winter but the queen bees average lifetime is 3-4 even could be 5 years.


The queen bee has special abilities. She can put two and half more ovules than her own weight. She is the only one who has female reproductive organ. Queen hatches after 16 days, workers after 21 days and the males after 24 days.


The worker larva eats only royal jelly in his first 5 days, meanwhile he can increase his weight one thousand times bigger and the queen bee larva who eats royal jelly for whole time, grows two thousand times bigger.


What is the Royal Jelly?

The royal jelly is the pharyngeal secretion of the workers what is for feeding the honeybees. This gland starts to work from the third day of the worker's life and that gland makes the royal jelly quickly enough. Then it stops working after the fourteenth day and doesn't produce royal jelly any longer.


Royal jelly has white color and jelly consistance what glitters with pearl shell glaze. Its taste is strongly sour and lightly sugary. It becomes thicker after some time and its color can change as well when it contacts with the air.

The royal jelly is one of the natural substance which contains more than 150 active biological contents: like proteins, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and much more. It can also be called as 'The milk of honeybees'. They feed the queen bee with this wonderful substance.


Scientists could lengthen the biological activity of the royal jelly for 2 more years long in th 20th century, with use of lyophilization process. This created the basis of the storage and eating of royal jelly. 


According to the medical researches it's the newest panacea. It contains lot of vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, D, E, H. It must be mentioned Mn, Ni, Co, S of the trace elements. Its full value of protein is very high, it contains much hormons and hormon-like substances as well.

It haven't been managed to generate the synthetic substance of royal jelly yet because it contains several unidentified compounds. But the most valuable component has already been generated artificially.


What good is the royal jelly?

- against osteoporosis: Royal jelly supports the function of the ovary with stimulating estrogen production (the deficiency of it causes the osteoporosis). It's recommended to do a 2 months long cure with 1 gram in a day.

- against cancer: the 10-HDA (hydroxy-decenoic acid) can be found only in the clean royal jelly what inhibits growth and development of cancer cells. Suggested dosage: 1 gram per day for 60 days as cure which can be repeated 2-3 times in a year. Also recommended to keep vegetarian diet until the cure and eat many vegetables and fruits (to help the effects of royal jelly).

- against atherosclerosis: dosage: 1-2 grams per day with empty stomach before the main meals. Cure can be lasted for 30-60 days, repeated 3 times in a year if necessary.

- against heart attack and after: eating royal jelly reduces the cholesterol and prevents the shape of blood clot. Dosage: 2 grams per day with empty stomach for 60 days

- against flu and infections: royal jelly has perfect antiviral and immune system strenthen effect, very useful for flu prevention. Recommended for a 7 days short cure with 2-4 grams per day.

- against getting stupid in the elder age: reducing effects of getting elder is recommended: 2 grams in a day for 60 days per year

- against multiple sclerosis: About this topic, a Romanian doctor achieved the best results in the world who did an unusual dosage: 8-10 grams for 7 days then 4 weeks break and the cure can be repeated.

- against Alzheimer's disease: using of royal jelly can stop degenerative processes in the central nerves system, even it helps in producing cells. Cure: 5-10 grams for 10 days then 20 days break. Cure can be repeated 6 times in a year.

- against depression: in pharmaceutical industry St. John's Wort is used the most frequently as a medicine's material. It seems like royal jelly is more effective because it doesn't have side effects. It stops insomnia, loss of appetite, symptoms of depression and increase well-being. Dosage: 2-4 grams per day for 30 days. After the cure keep 1-2 weeks break then it can be started again.

- against chronic fatigue: Dosage: 1-3 grams per day for 3 months. The dosage has to be increased gradually from 1 gram to 3.

- against drug addiction and alcoholism: royal jelly is very effective in stopping withdrawal symptoms, one big dose (25 grams which is 100 times more than normal dose) in the most case it stops withdrawal symptoms (tremble, anxiety, incoherent thinking ect.). Start the dose with 25 grams then reduce to 2-5 grams day by day. The cure lasts for 3 months.

- against hepatitis: the 90 days cure is recommended in all type of hepatitis (3 grams per day in the morning before breakfast). After the cure keep a 30-45 days long break and then it can be started again.

- against anemia: with a proper dose of royal jelly, quantity and quality of the haemoglobin increases and the ratio of their death reduces. Dosage: 2-5 grams per day for 4 weeks. Dose have to be increased depending on seriousness of the illness. 

- against myopia: Dr. Jurate Jankauskiene a Lithuanian eye specialist proved with more experiments that eating the royal jelly improves vision and helps to inhibit the eye problems. 1 gram per day is recommended for 2-3 months cure.

- against diabetes: it reduces the insulin resistance in our body therefore, pancreas disengages from the increased insulin production. Thus, other treatment is not necessary for blood sugar level reducing. After 1-2 months cure (whilst you eat 1-3 grams of royal jelly) the reduced level stays low  for weeks.

- against male infertility and impotence: using royal jelly increases testosteron level in the blood which has important effect in the treatment and improves the mobility of the sperm. Dosage: 2 grams per day for 90 days.

- for women problems, against abortion and infertility: royal jelly increase that ovulation causing hormon level which is necessary in irregular period and oviary function treatments.

Dosage: 1-2 grams for 28 days then 28 days break. Treatment is recommended three times in a year.

Or 1 gram for one month before pregnancy and in the first two months during pregnancy with empty stomach 30 minutes before meal.

- against symptoms of menopause: in 2004, in the Sofia Gynaecological Clinic completed an experiment involving 55 menopausal women. The cure lasted for 90 days and they ate 0,5-1 gram royal jelly in a day. The result: the symptoms like heart rhythm and circulation problems, osteoporosis, extrem hair growth terminated in the most cases.

- against rheumatism: royal jelly helps the anti-inflammatory cortisone hormone production in the adrenal which slows down the degenerative articular processes and regeneration of the cartilage tissue. The treatment is recommended for 30-45 days with 1-3 gram per day.

- for fracture treatments: royal jelly helps producing bones (thus, the regeneration of breaking) and the healing time is shortened. 45 days long cure is recommended (2 gram per day before meal).

Royal jelly in the service of beauty


Using of royal jelly internally can be reached great results in skin care. It normalize the function of sebaceous gland thus, acnes and dermatitis reduces. It stimulates the metabolism of skin cells which rebounds traceless and quick healing. It increases estrogen production what makes the skin soft and flexible.


For externally using: it has excellent rejuvenating effect. Put a thin layer onto the skin and leave there for 15 minutes (in this time the skin become red and getting wrinkled then wash it with warm water and let the skin getting dry. In few hours the skin will be visibly softer and shinier. The treatment can be repeated in 1-2 days thus, the wrinkles and discoloration disappears gradually.


Important: precaution and contraindications

The most important is the allergy for bee-products. Who prones to allergies start the cure 0,1 gram in the first 2-3 days and stop it in any case when notices itching inside of the mouth, indigestion problems, breathing difficulties, runny nose or rashes.


Eating advices

Eat the royal jelly 15 minutes before meal and keep it under the tongue until it's melted (about for 5 minutes).


For children: the daily dose is 0,5 gram (with a little spoon can be founded in the pack).

For adults: 0,5-1 gram (with 1-2 little spoon can be founded in the pack).

It can be mixed with honey (10 grams of clean royal jelly with 500 grams of honey).

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