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Sunflower Honey 500g (Váraljai)

Sunflower Honey 500g (Váraljai)
The Váraljai apiary makes only high quality honey products to help us to keep and strengthen our health.
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The sunflower honey's colour is golden yelow what can change orange later. It crystallizes easily because it contains much glucose. Its taste is similar like the sunflower seeds.

It's good for baking, eating with bread or drinking with tea.

The sunflower honey has disinfectant effect and high acidity thus, it's not recommended to those people who have gastric hyperacidity.

However, the sunflower honey is reach in Vitamin E what is antioxidant so it's beneficial for the flu, prostate diseases, urinary disorders, last but not least it's neural amplifier, cholesterol and atherosclerosis lowering. It's effective for patients who suffer in epilepsy, it's great for anticonvulsant, mucolytic, against bronchitis,.

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