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Transfagarasan Honey 400g (Mézbarlang)

Transfagarasan Honey 400g (Mézbarlang)

Honey from the wild raspberries, firs and herbs


    A real curiosity for real Gourmets!


    1. The raspberry honey is the most in this Transfagarasan Honey but we can feel the characteristic taste of the firs (like walnut-vanilla) then there are the combination of the sweet-fruity wild raspberry and the herbals.
    2. The honey originates from Bilbor (county Hargita, Transylvania). This town is located in the middle of a huge ancient pine forest 1000 meters high above sea level, surrounded with mineral springs (approx. 700) which feeds healing moors.
    3. The most delicious way to eat this honey: "by itself" but it's worth tasting with several cheeses, fruits and you can subsequently savour meals. Cooking and baking would be harm with it.
    4. It's a thick honey, it starts to crystallize quickly but it stays soft so you can take it out easily from the bottle.
    5. Effects:
        -  It combines the effects of the pine honey, the raspberry honey and the polyfloral honey
        -  It contains much minerals thus, it strengthen the immune system
        -  It has anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effect
        -  It's great to treat the anemia (combines the effect of the raspberry and the pine)
        -  It's tranquilliser, disinfectant and strengthen the bones.
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