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Bee bread 170g (Mézbarlang - Honeycave)

Bee bread 170g (Mézbarlang - Honeycave)

Bee bread is a fermented, enzymatically-activated food made by bees inside the hive, with around 25% honey or nectar, and 70% pollen. Considered far superior to flower pollen, protein bioavailability is significantly enhanced.

  • Bee bread is fermented bee pollen. Not artificially made, by humans, but by bees, which add some of their saliva and some honey over bee pollen.
    Starting from here we can only guess that the qualities of simple bee pollen are much improved, thus enhancing the effects they bring to our health.

    Bee bread is known under other different names such as perga or ambrosia. And it can be written in different ways: beebread, bee bread or bee-bread.


    According to folk medicine bee bread is highly recommended to people suffering from illnesses of digestive and hepatic systems. It helps liver to function well and detoxifies the body. It lowers the level of cholesterol and it is recommended for atherosclerosis. It is also very efficient in urinary disorders and prostate issues. It improves appetite, improves skin tone and has a rejuvenating effect on the body.

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