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Rapeseed Creame Honey with Royal Jelly+Propolis+Pollen 500g (Váraljai)

Rapeseed Creame Honey with Royal Jelly+Propolis+Pollen 500g (Váraljai)


- rapeseed cream honey 98,3 %

- Royal Jelly 0,8%

- Propolis 0,3%

- Pollen 1%

  • Propolis mixed with honey is the antibiotic of the nature. Before you try a product made with propolis check whether you have allergy for the propolis!

    Bees use the propolis as a glue in their beehive. This is a kind of vegetal balm, which is a sticky secretion of the buds.

    Components: flavonoidas, essential oil, chalcones, dihydrochalcones, catechins, Vitamin B1-, B2-, B6-, C-, E, amino acids, tannins, pigments and minerals.

    The propolis has anti-virus, antibacterial and fungicide effect, it protects the injuries from infections. It has positive effect for the resistance; for the regeneration of the bones, cartilages and the soft tissue; increase the flexibility of venas; it helps in the hair and nail growth; it has cholagogue and mildly diuretic effect; it's analgesic; it inhibits the emergence of the tumour and it's suitable for treat the ulcer.


    In the pollen can be found growth promoter components, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and antibacterials. It has vitalising effect, it enhances the mental efficiency and concentration.


    The Royal Jelly, as 'Elixir of Life' is a special food supplement what has special properties.

    Main effects in sum:

    - against infertility, menstrual problems, menopause symptoms

    - against impotence, prostate diseases

    - lowering blood glucose levels (also for patients suffering in diabetes)

    - against chronic fatigue, strengthens the immune system

    - against depression, insomnia and anxiety

    - against atherosclerosis

    - against heart attack and after it

    - against cancer

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