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Rapeseed Cream Honey with Propolis 500g (Váraljai)

Rapeseed Cream Honey with Propolis 500g (Váraljai)


- rapeseed cream honey 96%

- propolis 4% (very effective honey)

  • Propolis mixed with honey is the antibiotic of the nature. Before you try a product made with propolis check whether you have allergy for the propolis!

    Bees use the propolis as a glue in their beehive. This is a kind of vegetal balm, which is a sticky secretion of the buds.

    Components: flavonoidas, essential oil, chalcones, dihydrochalcones, catechins, Vitamin B1-, B2-, B6-, C-, E, amino acids, tannins, pigments and minerals.

    The propolis has anti-virus, antibacterial and fungicide effect, it protects the injuries from infections. It has positive effect for the resistance; for the regeneration of the bones, cartilages and the soft tissue; increase the flexibility of venas; it helps in the hair and nail growth; it has cholagogue and mildly diuretic effect; it's analgesic; it inhibits the emergence of the tumour and it's suitable for treat the ulcer.

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