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Acacia Honey with Honeycomb 500g (Varaljai)

Acacia Honey with Honeycomb 500g (Varaljai)
Honeycomb in acacia honey from the Atföld (Great Plain).
  • The honeycomb is honey in wax cells and it can be found in the beehive. We call it 'the most untouched honey' as well  because it's not in contact with the air and the honeycomb is in one slice with closed cells filled up with honey in the bottle. The optimum temperature of the honeycomb is approximately 35°C because under this temperature the wax can crumble and stuck into our teeth. Thus, before eat it's useful to keep the honeycomb in a warm place or try to heat it near a radiator. But be careful and don't let it heat over 65°C because the wax start to melt. Feel free to swallow the wax, it doesn't cause harmful impact for the human body.

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