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Milkweed Honey 950g (Váraljai)

Milkweed Honey 950g (Váraljai)

Controls the blood pressure.
General silky taste of honey.

  • The milkweed honey is a 'Hungaricum' in Hungary because in Europe we only have big fields of milkweed plants.

    Its scent is strong and characteristic, its taste is softly similar like vanilla, its colour is transparent or light yellowish. It crystallize hardly. If you keep it in the right place, it will change approximately in two years.

    Highly recommended for pollen allergy sufferers because the plant doesn't have pollens and only few other flowers open with pollen at the same time.

    Milkweed honey has several therapeutic effects: highly inflammatory, regulating blood pressure, body amplifier, and great for wunds, infections and skin burns treatments.

    It's recommended to eat it by itself.

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