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Manuka ProVENZ with bee venom and propolis - 250g

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Manuka ProVENZ with bee venom and propolis - 250g

Extra powerful effect! Manuka honey, bee venom and propolis in one!

Strengthens the immune system, strengthens the stomach, cleanses the breath and reduces musculoskeletal complaints.

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Recommended intake: For better absorption, the honey should be kept in the mouth for a short time before swallowing.

Important: It is recommended not to eat or drink for about 20 minutes after consumption as this may reduce the absorption of the honey toxin.


Dosage: It is recommended to consume half a teaspoon of honey at the first intake. If no allergic reaction occurs, the dose can be gradually increased to 2-3 teaspoons.


Ingredients: 6.25mg Bee Venom, 1.5% Propolis Extract, Manuka Honey (UMF5+)


Origin: New Zealand


Warning: Although there have been no cases of bee venom allergy due to the elimination of the main allergenic ingredient, the mandatory recommendation is that people who are allergic to bee stings should seek medical advice before consuming bee venom products.


BEE VENOM: The anti-rheumatic properties of bee venom were already known to the Egyptians and have since been used continuously for other diseases (e.g. circulatory disorders).  So far, seven ingredients have been identified as having medicinal properties. Bee venom contains about 18 different active substances. Of these, melittin and adolapin have an anti-inflammatory effect, apamin enhances stimulus transmission, while dopamine, noradrenalin and serotonin are involved in information transmission.A characteristic amino acid is taurine, which is only found in the blood of bees and in some plants.  Bee venom also contains molecules that cause redness and swelling after the sting.These include hyaluronidase and an enzyme called phospholipase A2, as well as histamine.

PROPOLIS: Thanks to its strong antioxidant effect, propolis continuously rids the body of harmful and toxic substances, prevents harmful oxidation processes in the body, inhibits pathological processes and thus slows down the ageing process. Thus, thanks to its use, a creative, active life is prolonged.

General effects of propolis:

  • Its bactericidal action slows down the multiplication of many bacteria.
  • Antifungal effect kills 11 types of skin and foot fungi
  • Anaesthetic effect (5.2 times stronger than 2% Novocain)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect

MANUKA HONEY has a particularly strong germicidal effect. In concentrations as low as 5%, it kills even the most resistant bacteria (even those resistant to antibiotics). Manuka tree honey (manuka honey) is the honey with the highest natural antibiotic content in the world and appears to be more effective than even the strongest pharmaceutical antibiotics. Its main effects are: natural antibiotic for bacterial and viral infections, immune system booster, anti-inflammatory, indigestion and stomach ulcer.

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