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Apimagic Royal Jelly, Propolis, Shea Butter Body Lotion - 200ml

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Apimagic Royal Jelly, Propolis, Shea Butter Body Lotion - 200ml

Silky and nourished skin without wrinkles

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Royal jelly has anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties. It is rich in vitamins and has nourishing, protective and moisturising properties. Its antibacterial effect also provides excellent care for minor skin injuries. And with shea butter, you can enjoy the feeling of silky skin for a long time without feeling greasy!


Main active ingredients of the product:

  • Royal Jelly - 3%
  • Propolis extract - 2%
  • Propolis propolis honey - 2%


Product Description:

APIMAGIC is a general skin care cream that can be used for daily care of the whole body. APIMAGIC cream helps to restore the well-being of the skin. It provides the necessary nutrients to make the skin supple, smooth and firm. It is suitable for dry, oily and combination skin types.


Suggested use:

Apply to clean skin, preferably after bathing or washing hands.

Apply once or twice a day, several times a day if necessary.

Very easily absorbed, non-greasy consistency, does not give a sticky feeling but leaves the skin feeling silky soft.

Paraben-, petroleum- and silicone-free, no artificial colouring!

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