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Propolis Sea Salt Nasal Spray - 20ml

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Propolis Sea Salt Nasal Spray - 20ml

It is gentle on the nasal mucosa and does not cause allergies

Recommended for allergies, colds, runny nose and nasal congestion

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E.P.I.D.® patented sea salt nasal spray with propolis whole extract.


A free nasal passage, i.e. unhindered breathing, controls all vital functions of the human body. Health and well-being are closely linked to breathing, especially the amount of air that enters the nasal passage.



* Cleansing of the nasal cavity

* Allergies, rhinitis, irritated nasal mucosa

* Colds blocked nasal passages

* Nasal septum deviation


E.P.I.D.® patent: A completely new technology that produces a pure, full-spectrum propolis extract that retains all active ingredients (synergistic organic compounds). The resulting organic propolis end product is stable and has a colloidal size that has cellular absorption properties, resulting in a more active effect on physiological functions.


Composition: Propylene glycol, water, chamomile hydrolysate, E.P.I.D.® propolis extract, liquid extract of apricot leaves, polysorbate-20, Sicilian sea salt, eucalyptus essential oil.


Instructions for use: Spray into both nasal passages 2-3 times a day. For the treatment of allergic symptoms, it is recommended to use several times a day.


Pack size: 20 ml

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