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CHAMOSYN Multi-Purpose Cream with Manuka Honey - 113g

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CHAMOSYN Multi-Purpose Cream with Manuka Honey - 113g

For total protection of the skin!

Protects intact skin from the effects of harmful fluids (wound secretions, debris, incontinence).

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CHAMOSYN Multipurpose Skin Ointment is a paraben-free formulation that provides long-lasting protection for the skin. Key active ingredients include aloe, chamomile and CMH® certified Manuka honey, all of which help to protect and moisturise sensitive skin.

CHAMOSYN provides protection against skin damage that can be caused by incontinence, excessive body fluids and the area of healthy body skin.


  • Aloe vera
  • camomile
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Manuka Honey

What does CHAMOSYN cream do?

Protects the skin area in the case of incontinence, so can also be used under incontinence pads

When applied to wound edges, it protects the skin from irritation caused by wound fluid.

Helps prevent skin damage from chafing.

Helps prevent chafing.

Helps prevent skin irritation.

Helps maintain the pH of the skin.

Helps maintain skin integrity with frequent hand washing.

Can also be used on children (even as a baby bottle liner!).

CHAMOSYN cream is recommended for use on healthy skin areas (wound edges) that need to be protected from the harmful effects of secretions and moisture. It can be used around wounds, in skin folds, under dressings or incontinence pads or in any area where the integrity of the skin is compromised.


CHAMOSYN cream is made exclusively from natural substances and contains no:

added colourants and fragrances, lanolin, parabens, steroids and mineral oils!

The LMP series opens up a new dimension in wound care. The clinically proven products are continuously tested to meet stringent regulations and the human body.

The CMH branded product is guaranteed to contain the highest quality, proven 100% pure Manuka Honey. The LMP range is certified by medical professionals as the most effective wound care products!

*CMH trademark (Certified Manuka Honey) proves the product is genuine and reliable!

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