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Manuka FILL antibacterial medicated wound care Manuka Honey, 100% - 42,5g

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Manuka FILL antibacterial medicated wound care Manuka Honey, 100% - 42,5g

Excellent for all wounds, superficial skin drains and severe deep wounds.

Economical packaging. Only available from us!

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Manuka Fill sterile honey is recommended for wound treatment in the following cases: Leg ulcers, burns, surgical wounds, traumatic injuries, cavity wounds, diabetic ulcers and pressure sores.

Manuka honey wound dressings are made from natural ingredients, so they contain no allergens or artificial substances!

Thanks to its exceptional antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka Honey helps treat serious illnesses and injuries in a way that other products cannot!

It is a great solution for even the slimiest ulcers, abscesses and even stops superbugs like flesh-eating bacteria.

Manuka Fill helps keep the wound moist, providing the perfect environment for wound healing.

But it's not just recommended for serious wounds!

A wound covered with Manuka wound dressing will not get stuck in the dressing! It avoids the pain of changing dressings, so children love it!

Key features:

  • CMH-protected Manuka Honey*
  • Reduces wound infection
  • Maintains moist wound healing
  • Osmotic action naturally draws damaged tissue out of the wound bed
  • Low pH and strong osmosis promote wound healing

The LMP series opens up a new dimension in wound care. The clinically proven products are continuously tested to meet stringent regulations and the human body.

The CMH branded product is guaranteed to contain the highest quality, proven 100% pure Manuka Honey. The LMP range is certified by medical professionals as the most effective wound care products!

*CMH trademark (Certified Manuka Honey) proves the product is genuine and reliable!

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